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Examia – General Knowledge Exam Kit helps you in preparing for Competitive Exams, Job Exams, Quiz Shows etc.
This app has a well designed learn module and a large variety of mock test series.
Examia – General Knowledge Exam Kit app is an exclusive app for students and job seekers. We can make your exam preparations and interviews a much easy job and paper free.
Are you a student or job seeker looking for a government job or Bank Job ? How about taking a mock test on the move while in your exam time? Our General Knowledge Test is free to play and practice for the Job Exams etc
Yes, we are presenting this Examia – GK Exam Kit app proudly to the whole knowledge hunters around the world. Examia – GK Exam Kit app is an online Knowledge book with a growing bundle of questions from a wide range of general subjects including current affairs. You can expect much more categories and questions very soon. Boost you knowledge for free!
This is a Quiz & Learn App with some different features . You can make use of this General Knowledge Trivia to improve your Knowledge and Wisdom. Enjoy the all in one GK book app now !


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