Positive mind nurtures a healthy body, a healthy body can make life happier!

Our happiness levels are changeable, meaning that our ability to feel happy and think positively is not set at birth, but can be learned. The way of ‘learning’ is through practice only. Yes, successful life practices can be learned easily through our app. A daily bite of free positive quotes, thoughts, exercises can gradually change your habits and eventually life as well.

Make the habit of touching and scrolling to build healthier thinking patterns and behavioral improvement. Wellife shares hundreds of articles which helps you to face anxiety-provoking situations head-on and manage the feelings that can negatively affect their lives on a regular basis.

Learn to Live! – Tips & tricks for a better living.

How can I be better? – Personality development and character improvement tips.

Happiness Code – Practices to become a happy person

Build a New version of you – Daily tips for your well-being

Wellife Exercises – Simple Practices to boost your brain.

Wellife Assessment – Mock tests to analyze yourself!

Wellife Quiz – Take a test, answer and enjoy sharing scores!

Wellife includes many research articles, exercises, quizzes, and activities to make you engaged and relaxed. It has four main sections.

Learning practice section includes tips for a more happier, successful life. It includes categories such as positive living, personal development, learning skill practices, daily hacks & trips, and positive quotes. Each category is divided into subcategories and numerous articles, videos, and photos fall in each sub-category.

This section contains puzzles, riddles, aptitude tests and brain-boosting tests such as brain teasers and logic questions. Try answering questions and learn. Answer explanation is given with each question so that the learning process can be made easy and thrilling.

This is a personal assessment section. Test your personality and character level by taking these tests. You will get scores for each test and it determines and gives some clue about your mindset and character. It is always good to spend some time to analyze yourself and improve yourselves!

Enjoy answering questions and sharing scores. We provide enough of questions especially from maths to test your general aptitude.

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