Stairy – Steps& Ball Challenge – New android casual game featured

The new Staircase game has been released by PI Digi on last week which is available to download in playstore. It is a stair fall / stairway / stair case game which is challenging and entertaining at the same time. The game has three modes. Classic, upstairs and flat. Select one and start playing.

How to play Stairy game?

You can see color bars moving to & fro and a bouncing ball on a bar/platform. Tap on the screen while the moving bar comes in contact with the existing bar so that it forms a continuous path for the bouncing ball. Keep the ball moving forward by placing the bars in order by tapping on the screen. If you miss a portion of a sec, you fail! The steps challenge game needs much attention, concentration and accuracy.

The different modes of the steps and ball challenging game tests your skill in accuracy. The speed of the ball and steps will increase gradually and it raises the spirit of the game. Enjoy it and achieve the highest score and share with your friends.


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