Funreel is a collection of hilarious viral videos of whole time with preference to the latest videos. The untouchable topics we are covering makes it unique in its nature. The app is available for both android and iOS users which can be freely installed. Get it and never get bored on your free time anymore!

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Funny things are happening all over the world with no limits. We collect it and categorize it to make it enjoyable for users who has various level of tastes. Special consideration is given for the quality and duration of the videos. The categories which are currently available are:

  1. VR funny reactions
  2. Politicians – Funny moments
  3. Funny advertisements
  4. Laugh attacks
  5. Hilarious Weddings
  6. Funny Driving mistakes
  7. Funny kids
  8. Funny kids & Parents
  9. Funny fails
  10. Viral Funny videos
  11. News Bloopers
  12. Hilarious Animals and more categories are under construction status.

Check out the features of the app. 

  1. You can see different categories in the app having countless viral funny videos.
  2. You can also search using keywords.
  3. You can bookmark any videos while enjoying it. Later this videos can be picked up directly from the home menu.
  4. You can hit ‘like’ any videos while enjoying it. Your likes are counted and it will contribute to most liked videos. Always like good ones!
  5. Your recently viewed videos can also be viewed from the menu.
  6. You can catch up with what others are watching or what is getting hot. Just take most liked or popular video section to analyze it.
  7. You can choose the video quality also.
  8. You can share your favourite videos in whatsapp, email, hike, imo etc

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