E-Learning is learning, utilizing electronic technologies viz internet to access educational curriculum outside our traditional classroom. The E-Learning industry is growing and expanding globally and expected to reach a deep level by the end of this year 2018! We are also ready to meet the emerging needs in e-learning technologies with our service – E-learnlive – Learning on the go!

E-learnlive – Learning on the go : Few words about our upcoming Product ell

We are in the process of developing iOS, Android and web platforms for creating E-learning products for Educational institutions, training institutions, subject matter experts, ebook authors, app business entrepreneurs, website owners in educational domain etc. Build your own quiz application, learning app, Mock test app, Training App, Ebook etc in iOS, Android & HTML platforms, which has multiple features to count.

Some of the major features of the App :

  • Login / Registration
  • Sync All data to offline mode
  • My Scores
  • Learn Questions / Lessons
  • Content with text, images, video, PDF etc
  • Share contents with friends
  • Quiz Mode
  • Mock Test
  • Read EBook
  • Global scores / User high scores for each category
  • Report a Question / Chapter
  • Bookmark Questions / Chapters
  • Share high score with screen shot option
  • Purchase paid categories / Chapters / Mock Test
  • Remove Ads and many more!

The tremendous downloading of educational apps shows the transformation era in education system. Mobile or M- learning, micro learning, learning through portals, videos, artificial intelligence etc are all creating a collaborative learning in society and organizations.

Stay tuned for the updates. We are planning to go live within 2-3 months.

Follow the product page here for the updates and join the group here for any related discussions.