Mobile Applications

We have Expertise in the following areas of mobile application development

iOS (Apple):
The iPhone and iPod Touch SDK uses Objective-C, based on the C programming language. . All applications must be cleared by Apple before being hosted on the AppStore, the sole distribution channel for iPhone, Ipad  and iPod touch applications. However, non-Apple approved applications can be released to jailbroken iPhones via Cydia or Installer. This system is also used for the iPad tablet computer.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, have indeed revolutionized the phone and tablet market forever . iOS applications take the users to the new level in both productivity and entertainment.

Our team  has been developing iPhone iPad applications for several years now and have helped various companies with their iOS application development needs. We have expertise in game development also.

Our expertise allows us develop custom applications of a very wide varieties using Xcode

  • Ipad  applications
  • Iphone applications
  • Ipad  games development
  • Iphone games development
  • Ipad  utility app development
  • Iphone utility app development
  • Ipad business/eCommerce app development
  • Iphone business/eCommerce app development

Android is a Linux-based platform from the Open Handset Alliance, whose 34 members include Google, HTC, Motorola, Qualcomm, and T-Mobile. It is supported by over 34 major software, hardware and telecoms companies. Application programming is primarily done in Java. The Android specific Java SDK is required for development although any Java IDE may be used. Performance critical code can be written in C, C++ or other native code languages using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK).

Our expertise allows us develop custom applications of a very wide varieties using Google Android SDK

  • Android Tab  applications
  • Android mobile applications
  • Android games development
  • Android utility app development
  • Android business/eCommerce app development

 Windows Mobile :
Windows Phone, earlier known as Windows Mobile , is one of the most trusted platforms with enterprise users. The ability to enforce an enterprise-wide mobile security policy, ease of provisioning, carrier independence are some of the enterprise-friendly features of Windows Mobile.

Other advantages include support for a wide range of hardware from mobile phones to handhelds from different manufacturers, presence of a powerful development environment and debugging tool . Thus Windows Mobile applications have been widely deployed by enterprises to connect employees on the move with corporate systems. Some of the applications include collection of field data, workflow systems etc . Microsoft started targeting the consumer market with the introduction of Windows Phone 7; the phone directly competes with  iPhone and Android.


BlackBerry is a powerful platform best known for its on-device message encryption.  We can develop your business apps for blackberry.  Security and reliability are characteristics that make BlackBerry attractive to enterprises and government agencies.

BlackBerry smartphone applications can be developed as a web app or a Java app. Web apps are written using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and run on the BlackBerry browser. The Java app is developed using native BlackBerry APIs and can make full use of the device capabilities. A third and hybrid variety combines a HTML user interface and Java API access.