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Let Me Worship Free – Do you ever asked people in between journeys ‘ Where is the nearest church ?’ , ‘ Where is the nearest Mosque ?’ , ‘ Where is the nearest Temple?’
Here is the solution.
Let me worship searches and navigates near by Temples, Churches, Mosques and General Places of worship around your location.
You can search data for your current location or any other location around the world .
Auto detect user location by GPS.
Now works even without GPS , by detecting the mobile tower location.
4 categories available
Temples, Churches, Mosques , General Places of worship
Works for any city in the world .
Address, Phone, Website option for each item.
One touch directions for each item though maps.
Let me worship data is collected and organized through various online resources.
More features are coming in the next updates


  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Android

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