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This is basically an e learning app with Learn and Quiz modules combined together . This is a universal IOS app (optimized for ipad and iphone) + Android App with lots of possibilities for content marketers.


Can make a paid or free learning app in no time . Just add the content and publish.

eg apps : Learn english , learn php , learn photoshop, learn ios , learn android

Make money using the content apps now !

Note : If you would like to launch an English learning app , we will provide you with full content also for free (Full chapters + Full Questions in the demo app)

Live demo

Iphone/ Ipad Sample App : https://itunes.apple.com/app/easy-english-tutor/id883634003

Android Sample App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pidigi.easyenglishtutor

Demo Website : http://easyenglishtutor.in/


Categories covering all English Grammar topics
Well written tutorials in all categories
Categories and Chapters are added on daily basis
Three modes for each category – Easy, Medium and Hard
Music on/off option
Daily updated questions for every category
Share score in facebook, twitter etc and challenge your friends
Displays your top scores in each category
Global score card with top ten scores in each category along with your name
Speed bonus if you answer quick
Difficulty bonus if you select medium and hard modes
Facility to search the full chapters using keywords.
Facility to bookmark / favourite important chapters


Configuration options from admin panel

Time allowed for each question
Negative points (yes/no)
Speed bonus (yes/no)
Admob banner (yes/no)
Admob banner Id
Admob interstitial (yes/no)
Admob interstitial Id
Startapp interstitial (yes/no) – IOS only
Startapp interstitial Id – IOS only
Applovin interstitial (yes/no) – IOS only
Applovin interstitial Id – IOS only
App share link
App share text
Score share link
Score share text
Quiz module (on/off)
Learn module (on/off)
Global score (on/off)
Local Notification Text – IOS only

Admin panel Features
Add/ edit /delete/enable/disable/order Quiz categories
Add/ edit /delete/enable/disable/order Chapter categories
Add/ edit/delete questions
Add/ edit/delete/order Chapters
Manage high scores
Manage app configurations
Search / filter questions
Note : Admin panel is fully responsive theme

Admin Panel Demo

Note : forget password and change password disabled in demo
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Our Demo Video


  • No need to spend cash on re skinning (only change icon and splash )
  • Admob banner and interstitial enabled for easy monetization
  • You can off admob from backend if you need to make a paid app
  • Our demo app in store making $10 a day without any marketing
  • If you can market it well , it can easily make $50 to $100 a day
  • Questions / categories/ chapters can be added any time from back end , no need to release an update in store
  • You can release unlimited apps (in various subjects ) very easily .
  • Just find a subject , add some content and questions and release a new app (you need a multi license for releasing more than one app)
  • You can always engage the users with new questions , new categories and new chapters on the go .

Easy to make it live
Upload the admin to a server (shared server is enough)
configure it , add some questions / lessons
change icon,bg, splash, web service url in the app
Upload to store
Its that much simple.

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Sample Screen shots